Chairman's Message

MOMENT was established in 1992 in Ankara as a family corporation in order to operate in the construction field.

MOMENT aims to create modern and aesthetic living spaces while it carries out its projects.

. In line with its vision, the awareness of all company employees has been risen and they have been encouraged to act with the team spirit.

In this context, it has carried out prestigious projects in Turkey and abroad belonging to numerous institutions and regarding housing and residences, embassy and general consulate buildings, culture centers, hospitals, schools, hotels and it continues realizing new projects and constructions with its corporate perspective and perfectionist approach.

MOMENT, which has gained its place in the tourism with Ankara Divan Moment Hotel, has lastly started a prestigious home office project MOMENT | BEŞTEPE in Ankara’s new living and investment center Beştepe.

MOMENT supports awareness of quality, environment, human health and security with its management system certificates of quality, environment, occupational health and security.

MOMENT, which has become joint - stock company by changing status in 2005, is still active in the construction sector in the leadership of Turgut Uyar, the Chairman of the Executive Board.